Infant Baptism

Your First step:  In order for you to be better prepared to help raise your children in the ways of faith, we ask all first-time parents to attend our Baptismal Preparation Class.  In this class, we will share with you a basic understanding of what Baptism means in our Catholic faith, including a discussion of the tirtual of Baptism and the rol of godparents.  Contact Deacon Larry or Carol Sell to set up a class.

Scheduling the Baptism: Children are normally Baptized at one of the weekend Masses.  We do this because everything about this sacrament calls for the Chrisitan community to be present for this celebration.  In fact, the words that you will hear at the beginning of the baptism speak very clearly of this when the minister of the sacrament says, "The Chrisitian community welcomes you with great joy."  At the time of the Baptism class you will complete the Baptism Information Sheet and have the opportunity to choose the Mass that you would like to attend.

If you have already taken the class, you may call Deacon Larry at the Parish Office to complete the Baptism Information Sheet and to schedule the Baptism.

Choosing Godparents: The choice of Godparents for your child is a very important decision.  The rite asks that the godparents be prepeared to assist you in bringing your child up in the faith of the church and so it is important that you are choosing godparents who are actively practicing their faith.  Since we are obliged to follow the law of our Catholic faith the criteria for choosing sponsors is as follows:

•A godparent must be 16 years or older and be a confirmed and practicing (Mass-attending) Catholic.
•You may have one or two godparents for your child.  IF you have two doparents, one must be male and the other female according to the law of the Church.
•Godparents cannot be the father or mother of the one who is to receive the sacrament.
•A non-catholic Christian may serve as an official witness to the baptism but because one is baptized into the faith of the community, godparents must share our faith as well.