Justice & Charity: Social Ministry Committee
The clustered parishes of Saints Peter & Paul, Saint Boniface, and Jacobs Prairie have a holistic approach to Social Ministry. This committee enables parishioners to practice charity and work for justice, the two main parts of Catholic Social Teaching. Our ministry challenges every Christian to fulfill the essential obligations of the Gospel because we will be judged on how we have responded to the hungry, the sick, the stranger, the prisoner, and the homeless. This committee meets once a month and would love to see new faces in the group! Our ministries include:
• Collecting food for the ROCORI Area Food Shelf
• Providing volunteers for the local ROCORI Build Habitat for Humanity home
• Charity at the local level including outreach ministry in the community
• Selling Fair Trade crafts, coffee and Chocolates
• Promoting Life and Dignity such as the 40 Days for Life Campaign
• MN Catholic Conference and Legislation education and involvement
• Catholic Social Teaching education, speakers, events and study groups
• Annual Mission Trip Intercultural Immersion Experiences
• Immigration concerns and evangelizing others through Encuentro
• Support for the poor in developing countries
Feed the Hungry Place of Hope
Our youth and parishioners great deal of joy preparing meals for the homeless and hungry at Place of Hope in Saint Cloud. It’s hard to recognize that we have many folks going hungry right in our area.
It is a wonderful experience to bring them a healthy hot meal.
When now serve at least one meal per month, and over 100 meals each time.
We encourage families, study groups or parish groups to sign up for a month.
If you would like to help, call Saint Boniface Church 685-3280.
Collect Food for the Food Shelf
Food for the ROCORI Area Food Shelf is collected in many different ministry areas of our parishes.  A monthly food shelf need is published in the bulletin. 
Please watch for the logo in the bulletin to volunteer or
help contribute to the poor in our local community.
Habitat for Humanity Project
Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit ecumenical Christian organization builds homes for families who need a helping hand. The ROCORI construction class teaches students how to build homes through the hands-on experience of building a house. A partnership between Habitat for Humanity and ROCORI has resulted in Habitat for Humanity-- ROCORI Build. The Justice & Charity Social Ministry Committee helped raise funds and is now encouraging volunteers to help with the build.
Promoting Pro-Life Projects
Karen Rausch coordinates the parishes 40 Days for Life project and other pro-life activities. The committee has sold carnations on Mother's Day to raise funds for pro-life speakers and activities. To get involved with pro-life activities, contact Karen at Rausches6@aol.com.
Fair Trade Crafts, Coffee, and Chocolates
We sell Fair Trade coffee, tea, and chocolate to develop awareness in the parish of the importance of the Fair trade Program to farmers around the world. Fair Trade is a program to ensure farmers in developing countries to have adequate income to support their families and help the communities. The program sees that the small growers get a fair price for their products, provides for healthy working conditions and allows them to develop long-term relationships with the buyers. This eliminates the middlemen thus providing more funds for their products. Empowerment lifts the farmers from poverty through trade not aid.
We have also added crafts to the product line with a stocking stuffer sale in December.
Catholic Social Teaching gives guidance in how people of faith can transform the world through economic justice. Buying Fair trade products whenever we have a chance gives us an opportunity to start changing the world.  We want to thank all the parishioners that have taken this to heart.