it is with a grateful heart

we lift this prayer to you.

We recognize you have blessed us
with all we have and all we are,

and in a spirit of gratitude

we thank you for the many gifts

you have given to us.

We thank you especially for the gift of

your Son, Jesus Christ.

In the same spirit of love and sacrifice

that He taught us by His own life and death,

we pray you open our hearts

so we may make our own offerings

of our time and our talents and our

treasure with that same spirit of love,

generosity and sacrifice.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen 

The person who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and the person who sows generously will also reap generously. Each person should do as he has decided in his heart – not reluctantly or out of necessity, for God loves a cheerful giver.  -2 Corinthians 9:6-7 

Meet our Staff

My name is Sherry Braegelmann.  I was born and raised in Cold Spring.  My family and I live between Cold Spring and Richmond. We have a small family run meat processing business on main street in Richmond.  I have been involved in faith formation in this community for over 20 years. I began as a volunteer but it soon became my passion. I used my degree in computer science in the engineering field for half my life until 2005 when I began my studies in theology.   I continue to grow in my relationship with Christ every day. I absolutely love being on this faith journey together with all of you of the RSPCC. My ministries include faith formation for grades 6-9, the small group experience, and mission outreach opportunities.  I work with adults preparing to be welcomed into full communion with the Catholic Church, along with adult and family enrichment. If you would like to get more involved in our Catholic Community I would love to describe the many choices we have. It will definitely change your relationship with Christ!  God bless you!

I am Teri Krowka-Ansberry and feel blessed to begin my 38th year working in ministry for the church! I have 2 children and 2 grandsons; Jacob and his sons Callum and Daxton live in Fargo and Mary Kate teaches in Rochester.

I’m originally from Cleveland, OH where I taught theology in junior high. My life long dream of working with other cultures led me to Bolivia and Venezuela serving as a Maryknoll Lay Missioner. I moved here from Ketchikan, Alaska, where I served in the Jesuit Volunteer Corp as a Pastoral Associate. I only intended to stay until I received my degree in Theology at St. John’s. Well, it’s been over 30 years and it seems I fell in love with Minnesota!

I have to say I still love parish work after 21 years at Saints Peter & Paul and my 2nd for the RSP Catholic Community. I enjoy hiking in the mountains or woods, walking under the night stars, a great cup of coffee and collecting stories to tell later. My favorite day of the year is Holy Saturday because it reminds me of my Dad and all the rituals and traditions he gave us. If you know me well you know my favorite word is perseverance!

I am humbled and blessed to work with Children’s Ministries, Friends in Faith and Justice and Charity Committees and journey with you as we grow together in faith. It is a deep honor whenever someone young or old shares their story with me and allows me to walk with them through life’s ups and downs, celebrations and times of transition. In return, I have felt the love, support and presence of Christ in this community holding me throughout my life and all it’s joys and struggles.

We are always looking for folks to help so please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself if you’re new to our faith communities, or if I am a new face to you! You can contact me at 320-597-2575 ext 7, or my cell 216-832-8319. My office is at SSPP in the Lower Level, so drop on by and let’s share a story - you may get a cup of coffee!

My name is Chad Bauer and I am the Director of Youth Ministry for RSPCC. I was born and raised in Detroit Lakes and attended St. John’s University, so while I am not from Stearns County, I’m a small-town Minnesotan at heart!

I’ve been married to my wife, Laura, for 15 years. We have three children, Cora (8), Mason (6), and Sadie Rose (3), who were all born while we lived in Colorado.

Most of our family still live in the Twin Cities, so when Laura was offered a job teaching at the College of Saint Benedict, we jumped at the opportunity to come back home.

I’ve been a youth minister for my entire career, 17 years. This is my second year at RSPCC and I have truly enjoyed my experience with the three parishes. Each parish has such a unique feel to it, it really is 3 distinctive parishes for the price of one. 

My passion in Ministry lies in Mission Trips, Confirmation, and seeing young people engaged in their Faith. If you have a heart for teens, we can always use help with Youth Group, chaperoning activities and mission trips, and helping with Confirmation.

The best way to reach me is via email at Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to help-out!

Hi.  I’m Sister Sharon and I would like to share with you some little-known facts about myself.  One day I picked up a notice of an upcoming event for the parish only to discover I was automatically a Benedictine sister.  OSB were the initials after my name.  I know there was more work involved in become a Benedictine sister than just writing OSB after my name so I proceeded to clarify that I am not Benedictine – rather, I am a School Sister of Notre Dame (SSND).  The SSND order is a worldwide congregation founded in Germany.  My specific district or area is the Central Pacific Province which is based in Mankato and St. Louis.

I’m blessed with the richness of the Benedictine life as well as SSND.  One of the key elements of the SSND charism (focused calling) is education.  I’ve been in teaching and administration for 55 years ministering in Madison, Mankato (Jr. Hi science), St. Paul, New Ulm, and here at Saint Boniface. (In order to assist you – yes, I am 76 years old)

I was born and lived in St. Paul with my 7 siblings.  My education included an Ed. S. degree from St. Thomas University. (yeah Tommies!)  I am also certified as a Spiritual Director which I hope to practice upon my retirement in June, 2020.

Most who know me in the Saint Boniface community only know me as the principal.  A major percent of my life is absorbed in this calling.  However other aspects of my life include activities, meetings, and celebrations as an SSND, the water color art I enjoy doing , writing poetry, camping, trips to Duluth and the daily gift of time I spend in prayer.

I ask two things of you.  First, Please pray for the staff and students at Saint Boniface. Second, please be open to and generous with gifts to the Endowment.  Identifying your donation for Catholic Education (school, Faith formation, youth, etc.) ensures our future.  Eventually we all come and go.  Catholic education should never end. Feel free to contact me at 320-685-3541 X701 or on my cell at 320-309-5565.


Greetings! I’m Heather Pfannnstein and I am so blessed to be the principal of Sts. Peter and Paul School. My husband, Daniel and I have a 4-year-old boy, Matthias, and a baby girl expected to arrive December 5th. We are so thankful to both be living and working in the area. Thank you for such a warm welcome to me and my family. The last 4 ½ years we lived in Little Falls and Daniel commuted to Cold Spring and I commuted to Brainerd. We had one continuous prayer through that time: God, reveal your dream for our lives. We knew I wanted to make the shift into administration as a principal, but we didn’t know how, where, when or what that looked like, so each step of the way, we trusted God for direction and guidance. 

God never ceases to amaze me. He always has a perfect plan if we abide in him and his promises. 

Saints Peter and Paul School has been the answer to our prayers and I know God has great things in store for the school, church, and community. I pray every day for the grace, wisdom and strength to lead the school. Please keep me in your prayers. 

Please join me in creating a bright future for our school. It is never too early to encourage those around you to enroll their kids in our school. I would be happy to talk with anyone if they’d like more information or have questions. There are also many areas for service and stewardship. Please consider one of the following: Donating to the endowment fund, supporting our fundraisers, or volunteering your time. Please contact me for more information, questions, or just to introduce yourself and say hello. I would love to get to know more of our community. God Bless! 320-597-2565

Hi! My name is Julene Faber-Andrusick. I am the music director at Saints Peter and Paul Church. I also help lead the music with the school children at their Wednesday morning liturgies. I wear many “hats” throughout the area. I have been a musician at Saint Nicholas parish and Holy Cross parish for the past 20 years, as well as a music teacher at Holy Cross School. Two days a week I teach band lessons at ROCORI Middle School. (I think I’m losing my hearing!) Did I mention I also play for weddings, funerals, musicals, and concerts?! As you can see, one job would be boring for me, as I like the variety, and working with people ages 3 to 94!

My husband Bob and I have four children: Sam, Katrina, Nate, and Kaylene who keep us busy. In my “down time”, I enjoy going to their sporting and musical events, and LOVE when they join me in my music ministry.

I have served as a parish musician for 43 years and continue to enjoy and find great satisfaction leading all of my parishioners in sung prayer.  

We are always looking for singers, bell players, and musicians to help enhance our liturgies. If interested, come and see me after mass, or give me a call at 597-2575!

Hello!  My name is Julie Ludwig, Director of Liturgical Ministries for the Church of Saint Boniface. My husband John and I have two amazing children: Samantha (11) and Xavier (9 in November).  Together we enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, such as camping (in a tent!), raising chickens, gardening, hunting, and canoeing.  We admire the beauty of God’s creation and feel blessed to be stewards of it and receivers of God’s gifts.

I have passionately served Saint Boniface for 21 years and certainly have grown through prayer and relationships.  Saint Boniface is an amazing parish and I am inspired by the deep faith that this community has and shares.  When gathering with ministers (especially through training sessions or workshops), it is so clear to me that people truly love and seek to know God more deeply each day.  Liturgical ministers have shared the joy of growing closer to God through their service to others.  

One of my favorite ways to pray is through music, and I am greatly blessed to do this daily with others! Together we lift one another up and see the beauty of God’s love for us through musical prayer.  “Music can express what mere words cannot.” The more we explore music together, the deeper our relationship with Christ grows.  Our song is the soundtrack of our faith lives. 

I challenge and invite you to consider how getting involved in the music or liturgical ministries can grow your relationship with Christ.  It has changed mine. There are so many opportunities such as greeting others at Mass, proclaiming sacred scripture, becoming a sacristan or Extraordinary minister of the eucharist, joining a choir (there is a choir for any age!) and so much more!  God bless your spiritual journey.

Hi! My name is Ann Jonas and I am the accompanist and member of the Saturday Night Choir at Saint James Parish of Jacobs Prairie. I joined this choir soon after I joined the parish 39 years ago. I took over the accompanist duties around 1995 (as far as I can remember!). I have been involved in liturgical music for pretty much my whole life. I grew up as a member of Saint Catherine’s Church in Farming, and sang in the choir there, where my mother was the accompanist and choir leader. I have fond memories of my teenage and young adult years at Saint Catherine’s, singing and practicing with the older members of our church choir. They were so wise!

I have worked at the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University Bookstores for over 28 years. I am the general book buyer and love my job! I have also reviewed books for the “St. Cloud Visitor” for the past 11 years. In my spare time, I love to read, play pickleball, sew, knit, and watch sports, especially baseball. My husband Ron and I have four adult children: Emily, David, Stephen, and Paul; three live in Stearns County and one (Stephen) lives in Omaha, NE. Stephen and his wife are expecting our first grandchild very soon!

Our Saturday Night Choir enjoys singing together and would love to welcome some new members! If you’re interested, please come and see me or one of our other choir members after Mass or contact me: (320-292-0032). “Everyone who sings, prays twice!”

Hello, my name is Marlene Dingmann and I direct the Sunday morning choir at St. James. My husband Gordon and I are both music specialists for the Sartell-St. Stephen school district. We also have 5 dogs that keep us very busy with retriever competitions and therapy dog work at the St. Cloud Hospital.

I joined the church choir in 1972 when I was in second grade and have been here ever since, Leading the music at Saint James brings me a lot of joy. It is very powerful for me to pick out music that ties the readings and prayers together. I also find a lot of joy when the congregation sings along. We really have great participation and sing together well. And finally, I really appreciate how both choirs come together for funerals and other special liturgies.

If you’re thinking about joining either the Saturday or Sunday Choir at St. James contact either Ann Jonas or myself. We would love to have you.

Marlene Dingmann (320-248-0544)

Hi!  My name is Christine Eisenschenk.  I am the Administrative Assistant for Saint Boniface Parish.. I have been working here for 18 months, and have been a parishioner for 35 years, when I married my husband, Kevin.  We have three wonderful children: Nicole, who is married to Mike; Amy and Joshua.  My job entails many different duties.  First and foremost, I am the person who welcomes you to Saint Boniface when you come to the Parish Office.  I get to work with a wonderful group of people! I am the bulletin editor.  I get articles from the RSPCC staff and put them all together in one place so we can get as much information about what is going on within the parishes. I am the person who does the ministry scheduling for all three parishes and sends out the schedule.  If you need any of your information updated, please let me know. I keep track of sacramental records in the record books and digitally record them, also.  When people need a copy of their Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Marriage certificates or death records they come to me. The RSPCC has so many wonderful volunteers and I would like to say thank-you to you all.  We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you. If you have any questions, you can contact me.

God bless! Christine Eisenschenk (parish@stboniface.com320-685-3280 x600)

Hi! My name is Cyndy Willenbring I am the Administrative Assistant at Saints Peter & Paul School. My family moved to Richmond when I was 7 years old. I married my husband Ron 42 years ago; we have two grown children – Chris & Cari, and four granddaughters – Kamren, Midayah, Olivia & Alessa.

Growing up I attended Saints Peter & Paul School and our children followed the tradition and went to school here. It is hard to believe this is my 34th year working for the school. I have seen many young faces come through the school doors, I like seeing their excitement every day and watching them grow up in the community. I especially enjoy sharing the Seder Meal with the children, this is the Jewish tradition of celebrating the Passover with food and songs. As part of my work I do a lot of organizing, I am the person who buzzes you through the door saying “the doors open”. It amazes me to see the community members who interact and volunteer to support our school.

 I treasure spending time with family and friends, a few of my interests are reading, walking, golfing, and the Minnesota Vikings – Go Vikes! I look forward to taking a trip someplace warm during the winter.

Saints Peter & Paul School offers an excellent academic and Christ centered education for our students. It is never too early to encourage those around you to enroll their children in our school. There are many areas for service and stewardship. Please consider one of the following: donating to the endowment fund, supporting our fundraisers, or volunteering your time. Please contact us for more information, questions. Come and check us out! “Like” us on Facebook to see the latest happenings at school!

Cyndy Willenbring (320-597-2565)

Greetings!  I am Denise Scepaniak, the administrative assistant for Saint Boniface School.  I have the privilege of welcoming all who enter our school and providing them with whatever they need.  My role is one of assisting the principal, attending to the needs of all staff, responding to parents in a variety of ways, and, most importantly, I am the in-place mother and nurse to all the students.  I love that part of my position!  Sister Sharon tells me there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for Saint Boniface – this after I engage in trouble shooting as a teacher, custodian, nurse, principal, but never the cook.

 I grew up in Albany and worked for Fingerhut until my first child was born.  After a few years, I was a sub as a school para.  About 14 years ago I was hired as full-time para for Saint Boniface School and 9 years later, assumed the position of administrative assistant.

 My husband Gregg and I have three children who all graduated from Saint Boniface School.  We are happy to say they received a solid education in a caring environment and have moved into successful employment.

I come from a family of nine siblings who all live relatively close.  This creates a network of support for me and my family.  We enjoy cycle riding and gathering for a multiple of celebrations at weddings, baptisms, and seasonal gatherings.

Saint Boniface School is an excellent option for your children.  Come check us out!